People Counting Technology

Why count occupants?

Occupancy data is invaluable in maximizing how to make use of existing space and deciding whether to expand or contract overall footprint. Use occupancy data in order to improve employee experience and operations as well as an aid for strategic planning and decision making.

Anonymous Measurement

Our people counters are anonymous by design and highly accurate. They do not process images, they use laser breakbeam technology to record entrances and exits across a threshold.

Live Counting

Our people counting data is live and is processed instantly. This means that we can offer live operational metrics, alarming and analysis as things happen across your portfolio.

Trend Analysis

With ongoing collection of counting data, we provide multi-faceted analysis on your occupancy data. From space use efficiency and peak demand to predicted future occupancy levels.

What about security ?

In terms of data protection and security, the sensors in use and the platform itself is built to capture, process and transmit data securely at all times. Data in transit uses HTTPS/TLS 1.2 encryption, data at rest is encrypted and all data captured has no personally identifiable information.

The requirements for deployment of the sensors are simple. Connectivity is required via a networked ethernet cable or using a built in 3G cellular card. The latter option means the devices can stay off your physical network. A standard power supply is required as the devices are not battery powered and finally the devices need to be mounted effectively about your monitored entrances/exits. A physical survey may need to be carried out to ensure accuracy levels prior to installation.

Yes part of the solution is the provision of a public facing URL that can be shared and placed on digital signage displays or public facing websites to inform visitors and occupants of current occupancy levels. We can work with you to get your digital signage up and running effectively.

Sensor coverage and amounts required are best assessed from a physical survey but as a ballpark; each sensor can cover one doorway/entrance from 1 meter wide to 5 meters wide depending on the available height from floor to ceiling. Generally for every meter of height a sensor can cover the same in width.

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